Saturday, September 25, 2010

Strategic Five Year Plan of Maldives NGO Federation

At the Annual General Meeting of Maldives NGO Federation was held at Holiday Inn, 18th -20th March, 2010, a strategic five year 2010-2014 was formulated. In the strategic plan, the following focus eight areas were identified by the member NGOs:
Strategic focus areas:

1. Increase membership
Target: Almost all the registered NGOs in the Maldives become members of Federation
2. When designing national policy, strengthen planning
Target: to achieve the intent, be a model institution
3. Strengthen the capacity of Federation and member NGOs
Target: Federation and member NGOs are acquired with knowledge and skills
4. Establish networks with regional and international NGOs, forums and movements with similar objectives
Target: Several similar interest NGOs, Federations and movements interested to build relationship with Maldives NGO Federation
5. Undertake research in emerging serious social issues and share with NGO members and stakeholders
Target:The research conducted by Federation or any member NGO would verify and validate the information collected
6. Advocate for NGO members , Government and other development partners when they design and implement programmes to incorporate the voice of community
Target: Any progamme focused on development of community needs to include the voice fo the community to make it sustainable
7. Focus on gender equality
Target: To promote gender equality and encourage political participation of women
8. To advocate voice of Federation at national level policy planning
Target: Federation is seen as a partner institution and invited for national planning forums

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