Saturday, September 25, 2010

Guiding Principles of Maldives NGO Federation

The membership of the Federation shall commit to adhere and to adopt the following principles in policy formulation, strategic planning and programme implementations.
(a) Neutral with respect to affiliation with political parties, factions and representatives,
(b) Non-discriminatory in recruiting members on the ground of their location of their registered main office,
(c) Charitable (not-for-profit) in service delivery and programme implementation,
(d) Restrict individual members of Member Association (hereafter referred to as MAs) deriving personal material gains or profiting in any way by virtue of that status either during the existence of the Federation or after its dissolution,
(e) Restrict direct or indirect transfer of Federation’s income, commodities and property, as loans, dividends, bonus or profit to any individual member or staff of a MA, or to any employee of the Federation.

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