Saturday, September 25, 2010


The Federation believing that providing space for seeking opinions from various levels and segments of the society is essential to create a conducive and an enabling environment for equitable distribution of resources and development benefits has the following objectives:
(a) To promote and support social development at island, atoll and national levels;
(b) To support and guide progressive development of the NGO sector, the third sector, in Maldives;
(c) To train the personnel of NGOs, CBOs and other developmental institutions in the techniques of community mobilization for development programmes;
(d) To identify pressing and emerging issues that needs to be incorporated in national policy directives and development strategies;
(e) To undertake advocacy activities to incorporate issues that represents the perspective of the community and the NGO sector;
(f) To exercise influence on policy formulation to address issues identified by the NGO sector;
(g) To support and assist local initiatives by NGOs & CBOs, contributing to strengthen the existing activities and establishing new activities which will improve self-help abilities of all communities;
(h) To promote community participation in efforts to achieve appropriate changes in the community;
(i) To improve the grassroots level community organizations in order to increase their ability to mobilize and utilize human and environmental resources;
(j) To promote community empowerment by increasing awareness among the communities so that they become more development oriented, ready and able to participate actively in development;
(k) To pool together all those human and material resources that individuals and groups are willing to share of their own free will to uplift the quality of life and resources of the lesser advantaged segments of the communities;
(l) To conduct research and studies on potential advancement of island communities as well as formulate and implement development programs;
(m) To develop and maintain relations with other national and international organizations having similar interest or undertakings.

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