Sunday, September 19, 2010

Maldives NGO Federation (MNF)

Maldives NGO Federation (MNF) was registered in 2006.


Maldives NGOs, recognising the feelings and situation of the Maldivian society, will actively create an enabling environment to attain the societal rights and needs accountably and will be adept institutions


Prioritising to attain the societal rights and needs to ensure social justice in the Maldivian Society, advocate to design and devise national policy, and systems to distribute the resources in the Maldives in an equitable an equal manner. To advocate for these rights, create opportunities for the Maldivian NGOs.


  1. Please can you confirm whether Tiny Island Volunteers is registered as an NGO with your association or with maldivian authorities? They claim to be an NGO on their website but are listed as a 'business' with the governments Trade Ministry.

  2. Where can i get a complete list of ngo's and cbo's registered in maldives?

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